Business Setup


The continuous economic growth of Thailand, the presence of ample infrastructure and an efficient work force accompanied with strong support from the government makes the country one of the best locations for entrepreneurs and businessmen planning to expand their business in South East Asia.But, before starting your own business, it is very crucial to acquire legal assistance from experts who can provide the right assistance and take care of all the legalities related to Business Establishment in Thailand.


At Establish Thailand, we have lined up the best corporate lawyers, legal counsellors, and accountants, who assure that each of the legal formalities is being taken care of perfectly. Our team members work in close coordination with our clients and it is only after understanding their business needs that we move ahead with the legal formalities associated with company set up in Thailand.


Types of Business Structures in Thailand


Following are the types of Business structures in Thailand:


  • Registered Ordinary OR Limited Partnership
  • Representative Office, Regional Office or a Branch Office
  • Limited Company


Steps to company setup in Thailand


At Establish Thailand, we are here to take care of all your complex legal issues and formalities that needs expert guidance. Following are the key steps to establishing a business a Thailand:


Step 1: Corporate name reservation

Step 2: Filing of memorandum of association

Step 3: Convene a statutory meeting

Step 4: Registration

Step 5: Tax registration


Having a trusted lawyer takes the burden out of the entire process of business establishment in Thailand. For more details on setting up a company in Thailand, get in touch with us at +84-125-937-7996 and get free tips from the best corporate lawyers in Thailand.Moreover, you can also let us know your business requirements at


We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.