Financial Audit


In today’s business world, stakeholders take keen interest when it comes to the protecting the assets of an organization and makes sure that everything is carried out in the right direction. This is when financial services come into existence.


What is a Financial Audit?


Basically, a financial audit is an independent, objective evaluation of the reports and financial reporting processes of an organization. Financial audit aims at giving regulators, directors, investors, and managers assurance that the company’s financial statements are accurate.


There are a variety of audit processes like interviews, test work, and observation, which help financial auditors in determining if the processes & controls required for producing precise and error free financial statements are in place or not.


Financial Audit services in Thailand


We, at Establish Thailand are one of the leading providers of Financial Audit services for our clients based in and out of Thailand. We apply proven global methodologies; deploy the latest high-quality auditing tools & perspectives, and assemble the right multi-disciplinary team to address the most complex issues associated with financial auditing.


To serve the variegated needs of our patrons, we are also engaged in offering customized financial audit services to help them build trust & confidence through clarity, transparency, and consistency. Each of our auditors holds vast experience in financial auditing and renders the most reliable solution to our esteemed patrons based across various domains. Owing to our vast experience in the domain, we have established ourselves as one of the best service providers of Financial Audit in Thailand and earned recognition from clients based all over the world.


Customized Financial Audit services in Thailand


Establish Thailand provides the following key services:


  • Statutory audits and review of financial statements required by regulatory bodies
  • Audits and reviews of consolidation reporting packages
  • IFRS and US GAAP audits and reviews
  • Special purpose audits
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures Regarding Financial Information including reports to the Board of Investment (BOI)
  • Internal audit support
  • Internal control review and advisory


For more details on financial auditing, visit Establish Thailand or simply give us a call on +84-125-937-7996.


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