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Basis of Knowledge

Official name of country

Thailand is officially called the Kingdom of Thailand and was formerly known as Siam, meaning the land of smile.

National Flag

The National Flag of Thailand (Thai: ธงไตรรงค์, Thong Trairong, meaning "tricolour flag”) is made up of five horizontal stripes in the red, white, blue, white and red colors with the central blue stripe being twice as wide as each of the other four.

Land Area

The total land area of Thailand is approximately 513,000 Km2. The country shares its borders with countries like Burma, Cambodia, and Laos.


Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, or simply Krung Thep (in Thai) is the capital city of Thailand and also the most populous city.


Thailand experiences three seasons; Rainy (May to October), Summer (February to April), and Winter (November to January).

Time Zone

Thailand uses the time zone UTC+7.00.


The current population of Thailand is 68,277,553, which is equivalent to 0.91% of the world’s total population. The country ranks at 20thpositionin the list of countries according to population.

Official Languages

The official language of Thailand is Thai, a Siamese language associated with Lao, Burma, Southern China and northern Vietnam. It is the principal language of the country.


The currency of Thailand is Thai “Baht”.


Thailand practices Buddhism of the Theravada school. Around 95% of the population is Buddhist, though Thai Buddhism is practiced in addition to the Chinese indigenous religions by the large Thai Chinese population.

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