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 Planning to set up your own business in Thailand? Well! that surely needs some good homework about the business restrictions, government laws, and regulations that foreign businesses have to abide with while setting up their business in Thailand backed by a thorough knowledge. At Establish Thailand, we are experts in providing services for company setup in Thailand to businesses looking forward to introduce their business in theThai economy.
Types of Business Structures
There are a variety of business structures in Thailand. Let’s have a brief idea about each of them:
Thailand offers 3 types of partnerships:Registered ordinary partnerships, unregistered ordinary partnerships, and Limited partnerships.
Basically, there are two types of limited companies in Thailand, i.e., private (closely held) companies and public companies. While a private company is governed by the Civil and Commercial Code, the Public Company Act govern the Public Company.
A joint venture is basically a practice where a group of persons (natural and/or juristic) enter into an agreement to do business together. Although, this type of business is not yet recognized as a legal entity under the Civil and Commercial Code, the income from such a venture is subject to corporate taxation under the Revenue Code.

A representative office is limited to engage into non-profit activities.It facilitates the import and export of goods by foreign companies. The Thai government has introduced various laws for a foreign company to open their representative office in the country.
Get in touch with qualified lawyers at Establish Thailand to help you with all the complex issues relatedtocompany setting up in Thailandright from registering your business name, filing for tax returns, to everything else that follows.