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Investment Environment

Thailand is a vital Foreign Direct Investment destinationowing to its market-oriented economy. In the recent years, many companies from across the globe have invested in Thailand. And, the country welcomes investment from all countries without depending on a single country as source of investment.

Why invest in Thailand?

There are many opportunities for businesses and investors looking for the best Investment Environment. Some of them are described below:

Economic potential: In the years between 2010 to 2016, Thailand experienced 21% growth in foreign direct investment. In the year 2016, Thailand was ranked on no. 2 as per the World Bank’s survey of Emerging Economies in East Asia and on no. 14th as per the Deloitte’s Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index.

Financial incentives: The corporative tax rate in Thailand is 30%. Recently, the government also introduced financial incentives for certain industries like reduced corporate tax rate, low interest rates, rights to foreign labor, free import duties under its Special Economic Zones.

Association of Southeast Asian Nations: The country of Thailand is a part of the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) which gives it access to more than 600 million customers and allows free flow of labor, goods, and services. Moreover, the country has also FTAS with most of the countries including Canada, Australia, Japan, China, as well as the European Union.

GreatRegional connectivity: Thailand is actively connected to each of its province with a great road connectivity (ranked 12th in Asia by the World Economic Forum). The businesses in Thailand are also benefitted by its railway that connects the country to various internal parts as well its neighboring markets.

Workforce advantages: Thailand boasts the most skilled and cost-effective workforce. Literate and highly educated, the employees of Thailand are friendly and hard-working with a desire to succeed.

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