Payroll Services


An efficient payroll system is the one that can help companies to keep track of their finances and achieve the financial objectives of an organization. A good payroll system contributes to the internal well-being of an organization which ultimately leads to its growth and success on the forefront. So, never try to risk the functioning of your business, and get the best payroll services at Establish Thailand. With a wide network of professionals with vast experience in the industry, we offer the most reliable services in accordance with the wage standards and laws in Thailand.


Establish Thailand – the experts in Payroll Services


At Establish Thailand, we follow a series of guidelines while rendering our services to make sure everything goes out perfectly. Firstly, our experts collect information from clients about their needs and what exactly they are looking forward to. After a clear idea about their requirements, our experts make a report and works towards rendering payroll operation seamlessly and accurately without any delay. From salary regulations, employment conditions, work regulations to tax declarations, we are here to handle everything in the most amazing manner.Establish Thailand’s team of professionals take care of all management and distribution of finances, when it comes to payroll.



Owing to our wide network, we have been able to offer services in accordance with the international standards for our clients, thus meeting their ever-changing needs in the best possible way.We maintain a fully functional and well-organized Payroll system in Thailand that helps to create and execute our services within the stipulated time frame as defined by our clients.


Payroll Services offered by Establish Thailand


As part of Payroll services, we offer a variety of solutions to our clients including:


• Payroll calculations

• Report distribution

• Pay-slip creation

• Banking of employee net salary

• Withholding tax (PND 1)

• Social security (SPS 1-10)

• Withholding Tax Certificate (BIS 50)

• Provident fund

• Payments to government agencies


We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.