Social Insurance


The Social Security Scheme in Thailand is operated as per the Social Security Act B.E. 2533 (A.D.1990) and its Amendment B.E. 2537 (A.D.1994) and B.E. 2542 (A.D.1999).Social Security is basically the security provided to members of the society such as health insurance, old-age benefit, workmen’s compensation insurance, death security, and much more.


With a dedicated department for social insurance services in Thailand, Establish Thailand solely works on assisting customers with matters related to Social Insurance in Thailand. From registrations, application filing, labor disputes, health insurance, pension, and much more, we provide the best consulting services to clients. Moreover, we also accompany our customers and assist foreign customers in establishing and developing their business in Thailand.


Documents Required for Social Insurance Registrations


Whether you are an employer, employee or a business owner, the Social Security Insurance system in Thailand benefits all.In order to apply for the benefits that comes with Social insurance, one needs to submit various documents, as listed below:


For employers


In case of juristic entity


  • Employee Registration Form (Form SSO 1-01)
  • Photocopy of juristic entity registration with objectives
  • Photocopy of VAT registration or request of VAT registration or special business tax registration or factory license
  • Map of working place
  • Letter of power attorney


For business owner


  • Photocopy of identification card (alien has to show alien registration card)
  • Photocopy of housing registration
  • Photocopy of commercial registration
  • Photocopy of tax identification card or license of factory establishment or value added tax registration or special business tax registration
  • Map of working place
  • Letter of power attorney


For employees


  • Fill the form SSO 1-03 (employer registration)
  • Photocopy identification card or other documents shown for identification
  • Photocopy of passport in case the employee is foreigner


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